Corporate Profile

FOUNDED IN 1988, Gul Technologies Group is now a key player in the global PCB market, servicing customers in the automotive, computer peripheral, consumer electronics, telecommunication, healthcare and instrument & control.

The company was listed on SESDAQ in March 1997 and transferred to the Main Board of SGX in July 2000. The Company  was voluntary delisted from the Official List of Main Board of SGX-ST on 18 January 2013. GulTech manufactures its high-quality products in its production facilities in Suzhou, Wuxi and Jiangsu, China. Through innovative design and prototype expertise, GulTech continues to work in partnership with its multinational customers to provide leading-edge solutions in a highly-dynamic and fast-paced technological environment. Today, GulTech is a global supplier with sales and representative offices in North America, Asia and Europe. 

Our PCBs are supplied to the following industries:

Electronic engine control, power control module, anti-lock braking systems, speed controls, clusters, telematics.

Disk drives, network routers, servers, wireless LAN.

Digital cameras, LCD screens, DVD players.

Mobile phones, cordless phones, land mobile radios. 

Hearing aids, infusion pumps, glucose monitoring devices. 


 Measuring Instruments, programmable logic controls.