Technology Roadmap

Technology RoadMap




Finished Hole Size
Mechanical Drill Size

 ≥6 mils

 =4 mils

Laser Via Size

 4 mils

 3 mils

Control Impedence

+/- 10%

+/- 8%

Stack Via (Laser)

Fill Via by Plating


Normal FR4 (Tg 135°C to 170°C)

Lead-Free FR4 (Tg 150°C to 170°C)

Halogen-Free FR4 (Tg 150°C to 170°C)

BT Material (Tg 185°C)

High Frequency Material 

Polyimide(Rigid flex)
lMS (With Al or Cu)

Thermal Management Material(IMS With AI or Cu)
Thermal Management Material(Thermal Conductive FR4)

Low loss & ultra low los Material (PPE,Hydrocarbons)
Ultra low los Material(LCP,PTFE)

Microvia Type

4+N+4 with Buried Hole (Staggered)

4+N+4 with Buried Hole (Stack-via)

6-Step Stack-via(14L Any-layer)

Through/Buried Hole Aspect Ratio (Mechanical)

10:1 (0.15mm< Hole size  ≤0.3mm)

12:1 (Hole size > 0.3mm)

Blind Hole Aspect Ratio(Laser Via)



Line Width/Spacing (min)

2.4/2.4 mils

2.0/2.0 mils

1.6/1.6 mils

Layers Count (max)

20 Layers

26 Layers

Electronic test

2 wires

4 wires