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Product Line

Gul Technologies (GulTech) specialises in the manufacture and sale of Double-Side, Multi-Layer & Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards for all kinds of industrial applications. 

In today's competitive business environment, timely delivery of high quality PCBs is crucial to the success of any electronics firm. GulTech understands our customer's commitments and seeks to be a real business partner. More than a supplier, GulTech is capable of delivering all our orders today whilst keeping the focus firmly set on tomorrow and beyond.

Below is a brief description of our capabilities and high tech solutions: 

Production Capabilities

          Traditional Layer counts of 2 - 20

          HDI Layer counts of 4 - 18

          Line width/spacing of as low as 2.0/2.0 mils
          Board finishes such as OSP (eg. Entek), ENIG, Selective ENIG,

            ENEPIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,ENIG thick Gold,Electrolytic

            Bondable soft Gold,  etc.             

          Regal,Rigid-Flex,Semi-flex boards 

Technologies Available

          Blind/buried Micro-Via 
          Via in pad, Via on pad 
          Filled Micro-Via 
          Stack Micro-Via (Anylayer)
          Control impedance board
          Regal,Rigid-Flex,Semi-flex boards

          IMS boards

          Heavy copper

          High speed & High frequency


          LED & CMOS

          High layer count

          Fine line & Fine pitch

          Thin board (0.1mm)

          Back drilling

          Etch back

          Control deep routing

Major Products 

     Gultech (Suzhou) Plant  
          Instrumentation and Controls 
          Industrial and Energy 


     Gultech (Wuxi & Jiangsu) Plants 


          Wireless (Networking) 
          NNB, projector 
          Hearing Aid
          Bluetooth Device 
          PC & IPC 
          LED, CMOS 
          Regal & Rigid Flex